• Before you complain

    Our Office reviews complaints from customers or members of the public who feel they have been unfairly or unreasonably impacted by Hydro One’s decisions or actions, and have been unable to resolve those issues with the company directly.

  • Have you attempted to resolve your complaint directly with Hydro One?

    We review each complaint to establish whether the company treated the complainant fairly and reasonably. In order for us to consider a complaint, we need to make sure the company has been given the same opportunity. The first place to start a complaint with Hydro One is by contacting the Customer Communications Centre at 1888-664-9376 or CustomerCommunications@HydroOne.com.

    For more information on Hydro One’s Complaint Process, please visit the Hydro One website (https://www.hydroone.com/support/here-to-help).

  • If you received a decision from Hydro One which you believe is unfair or unreasonable, have you asked Hydro One to reconsider?

    As an office of last resort, we generally require complaints to first go through all of Hydro One’s complaints process. If you have received a decision you feel is unfair or unreasonable, ask to have it reviewed by a Supervisor. You may also further escalate your complaint to the Customer Relations Centre.

  • Are there times when the Ombudsman may get involved if it hasn’t gone through all levels of Hydro One’s Complaint Process?

    Yes. Although we typically require complainants to go through the complete Hydro One Complaint Process before we get involved, exceptions include cases where the Ombudsman believes doing so would itself be unfair. Examples may include cases where:

    • There is an unreasonable delay by Hydro One in addressing the complaint or providing a decision
    • No reasons are provided by Hydro One for a decision it has made
    • The complaint involves a vulnerable group or individual
  • What are some things the Ombudsman’s Office can’t do?

    The Ombudsman cannot consider a complaint if, for example:

    • It is about electricity prices set by the Ontario Energy Board
    • It is about eligibility for assistance/conservation programs
    • It is about the requirement for Smart/Time of Use Meters
    • You are taking the issue to court
    • The Ontario Energy Board is already investigating your complaint
    • It is about Board or Executive compensation
    • It is about the shares of Hydro One
    • It is about a Cabinet decision of the Ontario Government or other Government Policy
    • It is about a decision/action not related to Hydro One or Hydro One’s Operations
  • Have you already raised a complaint to the Ombudsman’s Office about the same issue?

    The Ombudsman will generally not re-accept complaints that have already been considered by our Office. The Ombudsman’s decisions are the final step for a complaint at Hydro One, and are not subject to appeal within the company or to the Board of Directors.

    However, if you have a received an outcome from the Ombudsman that you feel did not consider all the relevant evidence, or there is additional evidence that was not available at the time of your original complaint, you may request a reconsideration.

  • Are you not sure whether the Ombudsman’s Office is the right place to complain?

    Sometimes it is hard to know whether our Office is the right place to help you with your complaint. But when in doubt, please reach out! If we are not the proper place for your complaint, or it’s too early for us to get involved, we will do our best to connect you with the person or department that can help you.

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