• Values

    Our Values guide our work.

What We Stand For:

We are an office of last resort for anyone who believes they have been treated unfairly by a decision, act or omission of Hydro One.

  • Independence

    We report to the highest possible level of the organization (the Board of Directors) and operate independent of ordinary lines of business and staff structures within the company.

    We conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and diligence in advancing administrative fairness. We avoid placing ourselves in situations that could lead to conflicts of interest – real or perceived.

    Our recommendations are fair, equitable and follow the facts of each complaint or issue.

    We act in good faith and uphold all applicable legislation in fulfilling our duties.

  • Impartiality

    We are champions of fairness and do not act as an advocate for either the complainant or the company.

    We are advocates for fair process, fair decision-making, and equity in the treatment of everyone who seeks/receives service or does business with the company.

    We are committed to making sure everyone is treated equitably – this means that people and groups may be treated differently according to their situations in order to achieve fair results.

  • Confidentiality

    Complainants are not identified to the company without consent.

    We hold all communications in strict confidence and maintain all information in a secure location that is protected from inspection by others.

    We take all reasonable steps to protect records given to us and we will only disclose them if the Ombudsman needs them to establish grounds for her findings and recommendations.

  • Informality

    Our complaints resolution process is timely, free, and completely voluntary.

    We take into account the needs and the circumstances of each person who contacts us.

    The Ombudsman does not make binding decisions, mandate policies or formally adjudicate issues for the company – instead we make findings and recommendations to the company aimed at achieving fairness.

What We Care About:

  • Accessibility, accountability, and fairness.
  • Following due process in keeping with the principles of “natural justice”.
  • Valuing differences and showing respect.
  • Encouraging others to participate by being inclusive and equitable in all our dealings.
  • Listening actively to help others fully participate.
  • Promoting and ensuring full access to services.
  • Having an open attitude.
  • Communicating appropriately and effectively.
  • Respecting and supporting Hydro One’s core values.

What We Expect from Complainants and Hydro One:

  • Courteous and respectful interactions.
  • Timely, accurate and complete responses to our communications.
  • Cooperation and assistance in gathering the information or documents we need to properly review complaints.
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