• Meet the Ombudsman team

    A dedicated group of professionals, working together to help ensure Hydro One delivers fair and equitable service.

Sophie Petrillo


Sophie Petrillo is one of the original members of the Office of the Ombudsman at Hydro One team and has been with the office since it first opened in March 2016. Ms. Petrillo initially held the roles of Ombudsman Investigator and Acting Manager. In these roles, Ms. Petrillo handled all aspects of a complaint from the initial intake through to the individual investigation (when applicable). Ms. Petrillo was appointed as the Hydro One Ombudsman in August 2017.

As the Ombudsman, Ms. Petrillo is responsible for receiving and resolving complaints arising out of the operations of Hydro One that have not been resolved by Hydro One’s internal complaint process. By working with both customers and the company when conducting independent, fair, and thorough reviews of complaints, Ms. Petrillo aims to help Hydro One deliver just, fair, and equitable services to the public. In her role as Ombudsman, Ms. Petrillo reports directly to Hydro One’s Board of Directors.

Ms. Petrillo holds an Honours Bachelor of Science (Hons. BSc) degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Queen’s University. After being called to the bar in 2002, Ms. Petrillo worked as a commercial litigator in private practice for almost 10 years, and most recently as in-house litigation counsel for The Toronto-Dominion Bank. Ms. Petrillo has significant experience in conducting investigations, engaging in conflict resolution, and ensuring that businesses comply with legal, regulatory, and privacy requirements.

Greg London


Greg London conducts investigations into individual customer complaints as well as broader systemic issues that impact the company and its customers. Prior to joining the Office, Mr. London worked for 8 years as a lawyer and manager at Toronto Hydro. Before that he acted as counsel at a large national law firm representing clients in various dispute resolution forums, and appearing before a variety of administrative tribunals.

Mr. London holds a Law Degree and a Master of Industrial Relations Degree from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Simon Fraser University.

Anthony Robertazzi


Anthony Robertazzi joined the Ombudsman’s Office as an Investigator in August 2021. Prior to joining the Office, Mr. Robertazzi worked in the Guardianship Investigation Unit at the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, providing legal advice on investigations that helped protect mentally incapable adults who are suffering, or at risk of suffering, serious harm. Mr. Robertazzi is passionate about the role of an Ombudsman in assisting the public and ensuring accountability of organizations. He also enjoys the opportunity to connect with members of the public through Ombudsman work.

Mr. Robertazzi holds both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and a Law Degree from Western University, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2020.

Trevor Shaw


Trevor Shaw joined the Office in March 2018, bringing with him a background in law, public policy and administrative oversight. Mr. Shaw practiced law at a leading litigation firm before leaving private practice to focus on the areas of administrative oversight and complaints resolution. Mr. Shaw is a passionate advocate for fairness and believes strongly in the role Ombudsman offices play in improving how organizations serve the public.

Mr. Shaw holds an Honours Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy from University of Guelph, a Law Degree from Queen’s University, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2006.

Elizabeth DiRuscio

Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Ombudsman

Elizabeth DiRuscio is the Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Hydro One Ombudsman. Ms. DiRuscio is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of the Ombudsman’s Office, while also overseeing essential functions including Health & Safety, Business Continuity, and Human Resources.

Since graduating, Ms. DiRuscio has worked her way up through administrative positions in the predecessor companies of Hydro One. She has supported senior executives at Hydro One and Capgemini Canada for over 20 years and brings with her an extensive knowledge of the utility industry as well as its stakeholders and customers.

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