• Privacy Policy

The Hydro One Ombudsman’s Office (“Office”) is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information, including any information provided while visiting our website.

Our Office will collect personal information from individuals who choose to make a complaint to our Office, and this information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with our Terms of Reference and our Information Data Security Policy. All personal information is collected and stored in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, and is protected from disclosure for all purposes unless required by law.

Information shared by the Office with Hydro One, the Hydro One Board of Directors, or the Public, is done so without personally identifying characteristics, unless consent is obtained in advance.

Our Office does not actively track visitors to this website, and any information collected is used solely for the purpose of systems analysis, maintenance and site evaluation.

Questions related to the Office’s complaint handling practices, including what information is collected, why and how it will be used, and who may have access to it, can be directed to Ombudsman@HydroOne.com or 1-844-608-8756.

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