Complaints and Compliments

We aim to be accessible, responsive and accountable.  Sometimes in this kind of work we receive complaints or compliments about our service, what went well or poorly and generally what people think about the Ombudsman.  We acknowledge it takes time to provide feedback and it is for those reasons that we publicly state our commitment and genuine desire to hear from you when you have a compliment, a concern or a complaint about us.

We will try to get things right the first time by always keeping the complainant uppermost.  Sometimes we may not fulfill peoples’ expectations or we may not have done the best we could.  And that’s where handling your feedback constructively comes in.

All complaints regarding the work and staff of the Office of the Ombudsman will be addressed.  A complaint about our Office does not include a disagreement about our evaluation of the facts or evidence.

Stage 1:   Frontline complaint

If you have a complaint about the staff member with whom you are dealing, try to raise it with them first.  Staff are expected and trained to receive constructive criticism.  Sometimes talking about it will resolve the issue immediately.

Stage 2:   Internal review

If you are dissatisfied with Stage 1 or for some reason you feel you cannot talk to that person, contact the Ombudsman.


We will address oral complaints in two days unless there are extenuating circumstances.  We will address written complaints in two weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Compliments and suggestions

We want to use your feedback in constructive ways to improve our services, act on suggestions where we can, be accountable and transparent in how we do things.  Your complaints, suggestions and compliments help us plan, allocate resources and evaluate our effectiveness.  We welcome hearing from you and suggest you call us at 1-844-608-8756 (TTY 416-345-5839) or write to