News Release: Hydro One Ombudsman Opens for Business

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New Office Advocates for Fairness

March 14, 2016

Hydro One Ombudsman Fiona Crean opened her office for complaints today.

“This is the beginning of a new relationship between Hydro One and the public” says Crean. “I am delighted that the public, including the company’s 1.3 million customers, can now turn to my office if they are unable to resolve their problems with Hydro One. I am here to provide them with a confidential, impartial and independent review of their complaints.”

The new Ombudsman reports to the Board of Hydro One, and has its full support. Board Chair David Denison says “a renewed focus on customer service is an integral part of the company’s future. It is one of the ways we are transforming Hydro One into an innovative, high performance company.”

Crean says she is focused on delivering fairness, not just for the utility’s customers, but for every member of the public affected by Hydro One’s services. “When I review a complaint, I will be looking at whether Hydro One’s action or decision was fair, but also whether the process leading to it was fair, and whether disadvantaged groups were treated fairly.”

The Hydro One Ombudsman will also be undertaking system investigations. “Systemic investigations look at the root causes of problems” says Crean. “These can help far more people than the resolution of an individual complaint and are also the best way to improve the efficiency and operations of Hydro One.”

“The establishment of an Ombudsman role for Hydro One is an important part of the company’s journey towards becoming a leader among North American utilities,” said Mayo Schmidt, President and CEO, Hydro One.  “We want people to enjoy positive, respectful and fair interactions with the company – on the phone, on the job and in the communities we serve.  Ensuring customers, stakeholders and the public have access to an impartial and independent dispute resolution process supports this aim and will ultimately make the company better.”

Crean says her office will be accessible to everyone who needs to resolve their problems with Hydro One. “I have begun to visit many of the communities that are served by Hydro One. Customers can phone us at 1-844-608-8756 (or 416-345-1505) or visit our website at to get more information about filing a complaint. We will get back in touch quickly, and update people about the course of their complaint.”

For more information, or to request an interview, contact:

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The Hydro One Ombudsman is an impartial and independent resource for people who have been unable to resolve their problems with the company. The Ombudsman is an advocate for fairness and reviews decisions, acts, or omissions made by Hydro One. The Ombudsman also undertakes systemic investigations into practices that may cause substantive, procedural or equitable unfairness at Hydro One.