Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Hydro One Ombudsman do?

The Ombudsman investigates complaints about unfairness in the delivery of services by Hydro One, including Hydro One Inc., Hydro One Telecom, and Hydro One Remotes. The office is independent of the company’s operations and administration, reporting to the Board of Directors.

The Ombudsman is an “office of last resort,” a place to turn to when all other attempts at solving complaints with Hydro One have failed. The authority of the Ombudsman comes from the Ontario Government’s Electricity Act,(s.48.3)  as amended by Bill 91, and the mandate issued by Hydro One’s Board of Directors approved in October 2015.

What does “last resort” mean?

It means that you should first complain to the company to give them a chance to sort it out. If your complaint isn’t resolved through that process, call us.

There are exceptions to this. For example, we may look into a complaint if there’s been a significant delay in getting a response or someone is particularly vulnerable or marginalized.

Can you investigate any type of complaint?

No. The Ombudsman’s mandate is to look at the services provided by Hydro One.  Rates, for example, aren’t within the Ombudsman’s authority, as they are set by the Ontario Energy Board. We also can’t review Ontario Cabinet decisions, such as the decision to broaden ownership of Hydro One.

Why is it important to have an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman can help improve the services that Hydro One delivers to the public and its customers.  Because the Ombudsman is independent and impartial, we can investigate complaints thoroughly and make recommendations to resolve the issue as well as improve services more generally.

How do I make a complaint?

Complaints may be submitted several ways:

1. By completing our online complaint form.

2. By calling us at:

Toronto telephone: 416-345-1505

Toll-free telephone: 1-844-608-8756

TTY: 416-345-5839

3. By sending us an email at:

4. By faxing us at: 416-345-6129