Types of Complaints

Hydro One’s Ombudsman reviews each complaint to establish whether the company treated the complainant fairly. All complainants are treated equitably, with regard to individual circumstances.

The Ombudsman will look at an issue or decision that:

  • Has not been fair in the process or decision-making
  • Does not take the facts or evidence into account
  • Is a refusal to use reasonable discretion
  • Is contrary to the principles of equity and fairness
  • Is characterized by arbitrary behaviour

The Ombudsman can also look into a complaint when:

  • There is delay in addressing the complaint
  • No reasons are given for a decision
  • There is no explanation for inconsistent treatment
  • The decision or action is contrary to established policies and procedures

The Ombudsman cannot consider a complaint if, for example:

  • You are taking the issue to court
  • The Ontario Energy Board is investigating your complaint
  • The issue is about the shares of Hydro One
  • The complaint is about a Cabinet decision of the Ontario Government